Who is The Profit of Perception?

I’m Steve Liebroder; I am known as “The Profit of Perception.“ In over 40 years of business ownership, I have built many successful companies, purchased underperforming companies, turned them into money-making businesses, and consulted on many others, helping business owners change their mindset, tactics, and focus successfully. I used that experience and paired it with […]

Manage Negative Responses

Rather than allowing negative responses to show up online for the world to see, let our Reputation Management System prevent them from going online. It notifies you about the response in real-time. Protect your reputation and turn an unhappy customer into a lifelong customer that leaves a great review! Visit https://www.seo727.com/reputation-management/ to learn more. #reputationmanagement […]

Why You Should Focus on Brand Reputation Rather Than Marketing by Samuel Thimothy

Customers tend to remember experiences, so your reputation after a positive or negative one will be likely to stick. Presented by Steve LIebroder, The Profit of Perception and owner of SEO727.com, a digital strategy agency, When you’re building a business, your reputation is all you have. While flashy marketing campaigns or persuasive sales materials can […]