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Who is The Profit of Perception?

I’m Steve Liebroder; I am known as “The Profit of Perception.“ In over 40 years of business ownership, I have built many successful companies, purchased underperforming companies, turned them into money-making businesses, and consulted on many others, helping business owners change their mindset, tactics, and focus successfully. I used that experience and paired it with today’s technology to create SEO727.com. A company that provides Digital Strategies for local companies.

Why Local / Main Street? We focus on Main Street or local businesses because we understand the struggle local businesses face each day. Over the years, I was the underdog, competing against businesses with tons of financial backing, businesses owned by movie stars and television stars, businesses owned by groups of doctors or lawyers, and businesses owned by wealthy families who controlled large blocks of commerce. They were looking for ways to send money down a black hole for tax purposes. I tried to support a family, my employees’ families, and keep the doors of my business open. We’ve been where you are and we have made our way to the top.

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