Digital Strategies

What are digital strategies? 

The planning and utilization of resources available to use the power of the internet to drive more customers to your business and make more money. 

How to create a digital strategy:

  1. First and foremost you must be ready to increase your business while maintaining a high quality of customer service. 
  2. You must have a clear picture of your short and long-term goals.
  3. Answer Questions regarding your current online presence
  4. Answer Questions regarding the change the strategy will bring to your business.
  5. Create a strategy that meets your income, business life, personal life, and short and long-term goals.  

The six questions that form a digital strategy:

  1. What do you sell, who do you serve, what problems do you solve
  2. Can they find you? Are you everywhere you should be. There are a ton of places on the internet that list your company information. Do you show up on all of them? Is the information correct? Name, address, phone number? How are you tracking this?
  3. Do they like you? Is your social media engaging customers? Are you getting new followers? Are you producing content that leads to brand awareness and sales? How are you tracking this?
  4. Do they trust you? How do you show them that they can trust you? 
  5. Do they buy from you? Did their experience meet their expectations? How do you track this?
  6. Do they tell others about you? How do you track this?

Regardless of what your business is if you are winning at each of these steps you will outshine your competition, drive more traffic to your business, and make more money.

How would it help to have professionals working hand in hand with you to implement these strategies?

Would it shorten the learning curve?

Would it allow you to do what you do best, which is run your business?

What would you do with your business if you had the extra time to get to the things that are really important in your business?

What effect would that have on your business?

How would having a system in place to help with this strategy help you?

How would more money change your business? How would more money change your life?

How would more money change the lives of your employees?

So now that you understand the Big Picture are you willing to change your current trajectory for the better and help yourself, your family, and your employee’s lives for the better?

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