What the Pandemic Taught Us

Sometimes some good can come from tragedy and hardship. Sometimes bad is the winner and there doesn’t seem to be any good to come from it at all. 

We’ve all been touched by this once-in-a-lifetime experience that started over a year ago. Some lost everything they had worked for. Some lost jobs they really loved. And some lost someone they loved, as a close family member, an extended family member, a loved one such as a partner, a friend, a mentor.

And then some strived. Some found their purpose in life. Starting a business they had been thinking about doing for years but that adequate job with enough money to take most worries away was enough not to take the leap of faith. Some found ways to make their business stronger. Some embraced the internet as an important part of doing business. 

Even at SEO727, where our business is based on the internet of things we had to change the way we worked. From going to meet in person to meetings via Zoom. From working from the office to working from home. We had to refocus and up our game very quickly. But where to focus? Where and how can we continue to serve our community of local business owners best? Living in a sea of SEO companies, Digital Marketing Companies, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, etc. is a tough game, to begin with. The bad actors out there have made it really hard on those of us doing things the right way to even get a chance to get our foot in the door. 

Like other business owners, we took some time to reexamine our strengths and weaknesses. We had to lose our weaknesses, and push our strengths to the top. This led to a narrowing of services we would offer, and an expansion of the services we could back up with decades of business ownership experience. 

It wasn’t an easy task. I’m sure we’re not the only business where the owner had to make that shift. 

What came from this sometimes painful and embarrassing shift (yes, it really sucks when you have to admit your weaknesses to yourself), was a dynamic new company that held on to our core belief that “we make digital easy”. And by that, we mean easy for our clients to understand what we’re doing and why. So they are a part of the success our solutions create for their businesses. And to continue to deliver more value than we ask for in compensation.

A new company was born. A company still focused on Creating Success for our Clients. A company whose mission was clearly stated on everything we do; “At the end of the day we are determined to make a business grow or be successful, the only question is, will it be yours?” Focused on the skills I had been using for decades to take underperforming companies and turning them into high-performance winners. Skills I used on my own ventures. It boiled down to three things. Reviews, Reputation, Recognition. What we at SEO727  call your business’s Customer Credit Report. I’ve broken it down to this:

We Create Success.

We take underperforming companies and turn them into high-performance companies. 

We’ve specialized in reviews, reputation, and recognition since 1991. What we call your business’s customer credit report.

Reviews. Reviews build trust. Business is like going to the bank. When you have no reviews, low reviews, or bad reviews nobody wants to give you their money because there’s no trust there. Reviews are your customer credit score.

 Reputation. Reputation removes doubt. Reputation shows stability. People look for inconsistencies. Is all your information correct and can they find you? Are you producing consistent content about your business? Do people know what you sell, who you serve, or what problems you solve? Reputation is who they think you are.

Recognition. Recognition breeds familiarity. Nobody wants to give their money to or even take money from a stranger – brand awareness shows them who you are, what you do, and that you’re here to stay. Recognition Builds character and stability. This leads to more reviews (better credit score) and the cycle continues. 

At the end of the day, we are determined to make a business grow or be successful, the only question is will it be yours?

Along with a tightly focused company, I found a need to share my thoughts and skills, and “The Profit of Perception” was born. This is the start of my newest chapter. 

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